An introduction to Snö Nicotine Pouches with Video Review and Q&A

The Nicotine Pouch Market Oct 25, 2020

So after having been sent a pack of the ‘Cinnamon’ flavoured Snö (Sno) pouches from First Line Pods (review here) - I reached out to the brand to find out a little bit more about the product - and they were kind enough to send across samples of each of their four flavours; 'Cinnamon!', 'Chilli!', 'Mint!' and 'Evergreen!'.

The Snö Nicotine Pouch Flavour Lineup
The Snö Nicotine Pouch Flavour Lineup

I also had the opportunity to have a video chat with co-founder Nils Djurklou - who gave me lots of background on the product - and was kind enough to complete my Q&A for this article.

Snö pouches are manufactured in the south of Sweden - and one of the team has previously worked developing products for ‘Zyn’, ‘On!’ and ‘Nordic Spirit’ - so they should know their stuff!

The key feature of the Snö products is the 100% plastic-free recyclable cardboard packaging (see more about the packaging here) - but they do produce some uniquely flavoured, enjoyable nicotine pouches. They also take what they term a ‘low nic high kick’ approach to their product development - meaning the pouches contain a sensible level of nicotine (7mg) - but also offer a significant nicotine hit.

Most other pouches still have a considerable amount of nicotine left in them after 30 plus minutes of being under the lip. Not so with SNÖ. It releases a dash at the beginning and then a slower pulse for the next 30 plus minutes. This is an approach I’m strongly in favour of over some of the much much stronger nicotine pouches you see on the market.

The Snö brand is well presented and the packaging looks great - as well, of course, being environmentally friendly and ready for recycling when empty. It also fits nicely in the pocket just as well as any normal nicotine pouch would - I was a little concerned about shelf life - however, after speaking with the company I found out the shelf life is 1 year - “Guaranteed.”.

You can buy Snö nicotine pouches in the UK from First Line Pods.

Now to take a closer look at the four flavours on offer -

Video Review

Q&A with Co-Founder Nils Djurklou

How did Snö come about as a brand?

Long story. But basically, 3 years ago I was trying to find a trash can to chuck my empty plastic snus can in, and began to contemplate over how many I had thrown away since I started “snusing” in 1997.  Roughly 8000. And it struck me that I’m not the worst. So after some research, I found out that over 270 million cans are purchased every year in Sweden alone and only like 2% are recycled. So that’s when I thought that there ought to be a better way.

What makes Snö unique as a manufacturer?

As a brand, I would say that the packaging is the hero. But the actual product is developed by the man that virtually invented nicotine pouches, Thomas Ericsson. He was in the team behind Nicorette ( the first chewing gum that helps people stop smoking) and later went on to develop ZYN, ON! And other brands. Now he is 100% committed to SNÖ. So we have the best know-how in the world behind the brand.

Are all your products manufactured in Sweden?

Yes! And locally produced and distributed from our factory in Råå,in the beautiful harbour town in the south of Sweden.

What was the inspiration behind the low eco-impact packaging?

I live by the sea. And our oceans are covered in plastic. Not only the garbage that floats around killing marine life but also the trillions of tons that cover the ocean floors, which nobody knows what consequences this will bring. But it’s really amazing that none of the big guys in the industry has come up with a more eco-friendly alternative…!

What was the driving factors behind your choice in flavours?

Basically, what the market wants (Mint/menthol and Evergreen/wintergreen) and what we believe to be a market gap (Cinnamon, Chili)

What makes Snö (other than it’s packaging) unique from other nicotine pouch brands?

Good question. Our main target audience is women and men 20-40 years old. But our metrics were for Sweden. So we gathered a bunch of nicotine freaks in that age group, that already consumed nicotine pouches and tested like 30 different flavours on them. My daughter was in the group and she suggested a Cinnamon flavour. It’s our bestseller so far so kudos to her. Not only is it loved here in Sweden, but apparently the US has a great hunger for this flavour (perhaps from their childhood’s Big Red chewing gum?)  I wanted a chilli, because I’m an ex-tobacco snuser and wanted something that doesn’t taste but still tingles. And that’s our number 2. The other tastes are really just there because they are popular. That said, I stand behind all of  them 100%
And oops. Almost forgot! SNÖ is the first nicotine pouch that contains NO SODA ASH (Na2CO3 - sodium carbonate). Something that has been linked to tooth decay/disease and that you really don’t want to put under your lip.

And most importantly - where can the customer buy Snö pouches?

We just launched like 3 weeks ago so thus far our reseller base is quite limited. But First Line Pods is our first in the UK. Otherwise please visit and check out where you can get yours! You want to be on the good side. ❄️😍

A big thanks to Nils for taking the time out to speak to me and also complete my Q&A - it's also great to work with an approachable brand with a sensible approach to nicotine usage - and an environmentally friendly conscience.

The flavours are also as unique as the packaging - especially the ‘Chilli’ flavour - which after a recommendation from Nils - goes wonderfully with a beer!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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