An Introduction to 77, their new range and Global Manager Medhat Adel Emam

77 Sep 14, 2020

77 - a Polish based nicotine pouch manufacturer owned by Tobacco Concept Factory and have recently expanded their product line with some tasty looking new flavours.

The 77 Dark Series

You can find reviews of their current range of products here - and we will be expanding that with reviews of the new range.

The current range consits of 'Fresh Mint', 'Ice Mint' and 'Forest Fruits' -

A new range seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at 77 and to speak to someone who can tell us more about the company and product - especially the new lineup.

I’ll be speaking with Medhat Adel Emam - Global Manager of 77 who is going to answer a few of my questions now - then on Friday (18th) I’ll be recording a one on one video interview to really learn about the brand and it’s products. We’ll be releasing this video shortly after.

Medhat Adel Emam - Global Manager of 77

So before our interview I had a few questions for Medhat -

When was 77 founded?

May 2020

And the products are produced by yourselves?

Yes Indeed

What is unique about 77?

The flavor, pouch, nicotine strength, designs, the team, and creativity.

What does this new range of products add?

The new 77 dark series offers new flavours is at a higher strength of 20mg.

The 77 'Dark Series' have a strength of 20mg and come in the following flavours; Apple & Mint, Classic Tobacco, Black Currant, Fresh Mint, Peach & Mint, Raspberry, Strawberry and Forest Fruits.

What can you tell us about yourself and your role?

In fact Richard my role as a Global Manager of TCF and 77 is to institute strategies to maximize profit across global markets. I mainly zero in on consumer demand and international trends, in addition to sourcing goods and services. I negotiate, finalize deals, negotiate contracts, resolve conflicts, and tackle operational challenges that concern our global partnership and vision.
I set a vision and goal for 77 expansion along with a suitable policy of partnerships. I love communication and socializing, I am fond of providing value and helping others. Arts is one of my great passions with traveling. Cultures are different, the more we relate acceptance and tolerance to our business, the more we can integrate our values and business successes with nations. People relate with the business now as a SOLUTION, not just a money-making business. People.

What’s the best thing about working for 77?

We are pretty innovative, we invest a lot in our Research and Development to keep the product up to date and to deliver core value to the global market. We believe in that saying " If we stop giving, we stop existing ". We are a global team of Americans, Polish, Ukrainian, Middle-Eastern, and Africans. Zero Bullying Policy- under the main constitution of "Support" to one another, to the product development, and equally to the customer.
The 77 Team
We behave as if the customers work with us, we don't deal with our customers as if we give them our product, we behave as if they are part of it, HOW?!! We listen, we get feedback and we DO react, we help as much as possible. I simply implant the fac that EGO is absolutely impermissible in 77, it is a business-killing disease! Additionally, we support Startups and new businesses who would like to work in the smokeless nicotine-pouches as long as they will NOT abuse the product and will support the governments, the stakeholders and will keep the health of the customer on the top of the list.
We love what we do! Why? because we believe in it, and we always look for solutions for challenges.  We don't work based on the time we work based on the value Richard. Have you noticed that it is 03:00 am now while I am answering your questions :)? I really am enjoying the work and sending you.

I really did get his email at 3 in the morning!

Where can I buy 77 pods?

Moreover, you can always feel free to use our 77 Shop for the companies at platform for B2C clients.
And of course, once you follow our Instagram page 77pouches you will be notified with all of our updates, offers, and discounts.

You can now checkout our video interview with Medhat here and we'll be following up with product reviews shortly.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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