Ace Superwhite 'Eucalyptus' (18mg) Nicotine Pouch Review

Product Reviews Nov 27, 2020

Firstly, particularly for our friends reading over in the USA, I would like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! My best wishes also go out to anyone reading who isn't American but is simply grateful for what they have.

So here we are. I've taken us up for a little walk today through the endlessly sweeping olive groves of the Greek island of Euboea's fertile north (check it out for your next holiday, remember those things?!).

Trees Planted by my Great Great Grandfather

Made in Denmark by Ministry of Snus, a manufacturer that is well-known for its heritage and deserving of its reputation for quality, Ace Superwhite is surely one of the leading brands on the the nicotine pouch market at the moment.

At Nicotine Freak we have have come to very much enjoy using it and it is a brand we trust. Don't take only our word for it though - this view is clearly shared by the many retailers we speak to on a daily basis who proudly stock it as well.

The scent and flavour of eucalyptus is famous for its distinctively relaxing and minty aromas which emanate from the tree's oils. These qualities explain why it is so popular a flavour within the nicotine pouch industry and for use more widely outside of it. I personally can't get enough of it. In damp and rainy England, where I grew up, we have a rather brave and hardy eucalyptus tree which towers 20ft (6m+) over our back garden, despite the climate. I've been scarred with a lifelong love of its smell as a result!

The can is embellished with '3D' textured lettering, the type of thing that feels good to run your finger over. To me, this demonstrates the thought and care that's been put into the product development side of things at Ace HQ. The front of the can has 4 dots, representing the Superwhite's 4/5 strength rating. Coming in at 18mg, I'd agree that these do indeed land at the stronger end of a sensible strength spectrum.

Each can contains 13g of product, totalling at 24 slim pouches. The pouches themselves are bright white and their contents are consistent and soft - by this I mean the materials used don't 'clump' together as you may find with other products on the market.

Upon pinging open the lid (which also features a used pouch compartment), I was hit with this classic flavour's scent, exuding strong 'foresty' minty vibes and honey overtones - that's the kind of first impression we like.

'Supreme Essentials'

The pouches feel very soft to the touch and comfortable in the mouth during consumption. Despite being at the higher end (4/5) of Ace's strength spectrum, a gentle nicotine release is moderated with good-quality flavour profile which was apparent for entirety of the 20 minutes or so of use until I was done, discarding the used pouch in the lid's compartment.

This is a great flavour from a brand that is going places. These guys know what they are doing and have a range of attractive flavours. Credit where credit is due - Ace Superwhite's 'Eucalyptus' gets Nicotine Freak's 👍

Have a great smoke-free day everyone.


Timotheos (Tim) Hatzis

China Expert and Business Consultant

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