A PSA on 'MAD' Nicotine Pouches and their Usage

MAD Oct 29, 2020

So way back on July the 1st I published a review of the MAD 'Blackberry' nicotine pouches... you can see that review here. Now the product - and the market as a whole was pretty new to me then - and I treated the nicotine pouches as I would any other.

However, I recently received a can of 'MAD' 'Rush' (80mg) as part of a delivery from The Pod Block. This got me to thinking more about the product range - and in particular the Russian text on the packaging itself. So I decided to use Google's translate app to get a better understanding of the product, its shelf life and most importantly the correct usage (I should have done this a long time ago!).

Now I've been somewhat critical of many of the Russian produced nicotine pouches - purely down to the fact they contain what I would view as an extreme amount of nicotine - however, after translating the packaging I was somewhat surprised by the results. Below are some photos of the translated text from the side of the MAD 'Blackberry' (50mg) and 'Rush' (80mg) packaging (it's not perfect but you get the gist) -

MAD 'Blackberry' packaging translated.
MAD 'Rush' packaging translated.

Unlike your 'typical' nicotine pouch - where you could potentially be using it for up to an hour - MAD advise you use the products for 3 - 5 minutes!

Now, this hasn't made me completely rethink my view on extreme strength nicotine pouches - I still think they pose a potential health risk and are likely to draw the eyes of legislators - however, reading the instructions properly was certainly an eye-opener. They're designed for use over a very small time-frame - in fact much smaller than any other nicotine pouch I've seen - which in part - goes some way to explaining the high strength.

My previous strategy was to try and ejoy them for as long as I could stand! I hope other users have been wiser than me.

So - if you are using MAD pouches and don't speak Russian (quite likely) - it's worth highlighting these are NOT pouches to keep in your mouth for a long time - and given the high levels of nicotine should certainly be kept away from children!


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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