77 ‘Strawberry’ (Dark Series) Nicotine Pouch Review (20mg)

Product Reviews Dec 23, 2020

I haven’t written a review in a while, and I’m excited to get back into it, continuing with some of my favourite pouches in 77s ‘Dark Series’.

77 'Strawberry' from London Pods
77 'Strawberry' from London Pods

From my previous reviews on the ‘Dark Series’ you’ll know how fond I am of the sleek black design, with a coloured 77 'logo' surrounded by a circle around the edge of the lid (the colour this time being a warm red). What I like more about this can then some others is the catch lid. Although the lid being attached can be useful, I think the customary design looks much smoother, and the thinner edges on the inside of the catch lid allows more space for used pouches.

As far as the flavour is concerned, 77 have got it spot on once again, as long as you have a sweet tooth. The sweetness of the strawberry taste kicks in, along with the tingling nicotine buzz after a few minutes. The friendly smell of strawberry is pleasurable but not too strong to overwhelm the user.

The nicotine delivery is more subtle than it’s ‘Fresh Mint’ counterpart (you can read my review on it here), but still provides the familiar kick expected with a 20mg pouch.

In conclusion, ‘Strawberry’ is another great pouch released by 77, and if you have enjoyed any of their other flavours, I strongly recommend getting your hands on a can of ‘Strawberry’. If you have never tried a can of 77, I recommend even more strongly that you do.

You can buy 77 ‘Fresh Mint’, as well as all other flavours in the 77 collection here.


Adam from London Pods

Adam from nicotine pouch retailer - London Pods

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