77 ‘Raspberry’ Nicotine Pouch Review (20mg)

Product Reviews Oct 3, 2020

77 has just launched their second set of new flavours in their ‘Dark Series’ range, with ‘Strawberry’, ‘Fresh Mint’ and ‘Blackcurrant’ being some of the other seven. You can read my review on ‘Peach and Mint’ here.

As I mentioned in my previous review, the new tubs look amazing. For the raspberry flavour, a pink/purple 77 logo shining on the black background looks beautiful, even if it is a little femenine. The side of the tub looks even more professional than the tubs from the original flavours; a pink purple band around the top, “77 nicotine pouches”, “extra strong” and “20mg” circling its side.

Opening the tub releases a pleasant smell of, you guess it, raspberries. These pouches aren't too dry, making them comfortable and discreet under the lip. My worry with the stronger nicotine content, compared to the older products, was that it would compromise the taste. This isn’t the case; the raspberry nicotine pouches taste just as good as the old ‘Forest Fruits’ which I loved so much, which makes me excited to try the new 20mg ‘Forest Fruits’. You can read my review of ‘Forest Fruits’ here.

The 20mg strength is perfect for me, providing a nice buzz without making me feel dizzy. The nicotine delivery, as well as the taste, lasts a good 45 minutes, which is another reason why I am really enjoying working my way through all of the new 77 flavours.

To conclude, this is a great product. I would recommend this, as well as ‘Peach and Mint’, to anyone who is looking for new flavours to try.

You can buy 77 ‘Raspberry’, as well as all other flavours in the 77 collection here.


Richard Crosby

Founder of Nicotine Freak, ex-smoker - but lover of tobacco.

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