77 ‘Peach and Mint’ Nicotine Pouch Review (20mg)

Product Reviews Sep 26, 2020

77 has just launched their second set of new flavours in their ‘Dark Series’ range, with ‘Raspberry’, ‘Forest Fruits’ and ‘Blackcurrant’ being some of the other seven.

The new tubs look fantastic, a black background with a metallic orange 77 logo in the middle of an orange circle around the edge of the lid. The side of the tub looks even more professional than the tubs from the original flavours; an orange band around the top, “77 nicotine pouches”, “extra strong” and “20mg” circling its side.

The nicotine pouches smell amazing, of a sweet peach with a hint of mint which hits you as soon as you open the tub. They feel soft and rest comfortably in the mouth. They taste as great as they smell, leaving a pleasant peachy drip with a background taste of mint.

77 Peach & Mint 'Dark Series' 20mg
77 Peach & Mint 'Dark Series' 20mg

Differently to the initial three 77 flavours, which are available in 3mg, 6mg and 12mg, ‘Peach and Mint’ is only available in 20mg. This may be a large jump to users who are used to 12mg or below.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying this flavour, and would recommend it to anybody who enjoys sweeter pouches, like 77s ‘Forest Fruits’.

You can buy 77 ‘Peach and Mint’, as well as all other flavours in the 77 collection here.


Adam from London Pods

Adam from nicotine pouch retailer - London Pods

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