77 ‘Classic Tobacco’ (Dark Series) Nicotine Pouch Review (20mg)

Product Reviews Oct 25, 2020

77 has recently launched their second set of new flavours in their ‘Dark Series’ range, with ‘Strawberry’, ‘Apple and Mint’ and ‘Blackcurrant’ being some of the other seven. You can read my review on ‘Fresh Mint’ here.

The can for ‘Classic Tobacco’ has the same design as the others in the ‘Dark Series’. For this one, the predominantly black tub presents a golden brown 77 logo surrounded by a tobacco-coloured circle. To finish off a very neat layout, the side of the can has details of the nicotine content; 4 red dots representing its “extra strong” strength, with 20mg written adjacent to it.

I know that many people reading this review will be looking for a comparison with ‘real’ Swedish snus. For people who are new to snus and/or nicotine pouches, the difference is that snus contains tobacco, the products that I review are all tobacco-free nicotine pouches, which generally contain plant fibres instead of tobacco . In terms of smell, I have to admit it’s more pleasant than I expected, and certainly more pleasant than most Swedish snus. The taste is much sweeter than a classic snus, with a very sweet tobacco flavour that’s apparent for up to an hour.

The nicotine delivery is steady and relaxing. Unless you have a low nicotine tolerance, you shouldn’t expect a strong head rush from any products in the new 77 line, but a relaxing buzz.

Whether I recommend the ‘Classic Tobacco’ flavour, really depends on what you want it to be. If you have been using Swedish snus for years, you are going to notice the difference with these nicotine pouches. However, if you want to make the switch from snus to nicopods, but still want to enjoy the taste of tobacco under your lip, then this is definitely a can to add to your next order.

You can buy 77 ‘Classic Tobacco’, as well as all other flavours in the 77 collection here.


Adam from London Pods

Adam from nicotine pouch retailer - London Pods

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