77 ‘Apple and Mint’ Nicotine Pouch Review (20mg)

Product Reviews Oct 10, 2020

77 has just launched their second set of new flavours in their ‘Dark Series’ range, with ‘Strawberry’, ‘Fresh Mint’ and ‘Blackcurrant’ being some of the other seven. You can read my review on ‘Raspberry’ here.

As I’ve said in all my previous reviews on 77 ‘Dark Series’, the new can design is sleek and impressive. A dark black background is accompanied with a bright green ‘77’ logo, surrounded by a circle of the same green outlining the can. The side of the tub looks even more professional than the tubs from the original flavours; a green band around the top, “77 nicotine pouches”, “extra strong” and “20mg” circling its side.

The aroma is a sweet smell of apple, although I couldn’t smell too much mint. The pouches are really soft and comfortable under the lip, with just the right amount of moisture in each nicopod. If I were being fussy, the only way I’d improve the pouches would be to pack them fuller, so that they are less flimsy, much like brands such as LYFT and recently, Killa.

The flavour, much like the smell, leans much more towards the apple than the mint, but you can still taste hints of mint in the background. In my opinion, 77 have done extremely well to pull off releasing 8 new flavours in such a short space of time, and from the ones I have tried so far (you can read my reviews on ‘Peach and Mint’ and, ‘Raspberry’ here), they have hit the nail on the head with everyone.
Before 77 came along and released the dark series, their only options in terms of nicotine strength were 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. I was hoping that they would release some stronger ones, but I didn’t think they could produce them so quickly! The 20mg strength is perfect for me, providing a nice buzz without making me feel dizzy. The nicotine delivery, as well as the taste, lasts a good 45 minutes, which is another reason why I am really enjoying working my way through all of the new 77 flavours.

In conclusion, this is another great product from 77. They have once again got the flavour spot on, and if you haven't tried any apple flavoured nicotine pouches yet (I hadn’t before these), then I strongly recommend buying a pot or two to try.

You can buy 77 ‘Apple and Mint’, as well as all other flavours in the 77 collection here.


Adam from London Pods

Adam from nicotine pouch retailer - London Pods

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